12 Carry-On Essentials


When I have a flight I have a list of my “essential” items that I always travel with in my carry-on. Below are the items that I can’t live without, especially when it’s a long-haul flight:

  1. Passport – I think this one is a given but always keep it close by just in case.
  2. Fuzzy Socks – Not usual cotton socks but the soft fuzzy ones, preferably the ones infused with aloe vera. Who wants to ride on a plane for hours on end with their feet swelling and shoes on tight? Going barefoot is just gross…
  3. Sleeping Aid – I can’t sleep in public places but since I don’t want jet-leg delaying my fun, I try to adjust to the timezone that I am traveling to. I never take anything strong or usually even a whole pill but I use either melatonin or ambien, usually just enough to get me over my fear of sleeping in public so I can get some shut eye.
  4. Eye-Cover – I can’t stand sunlight, especially if I am trying to adjust to the next timezone and it’s still light outside so I always use an eye cover that will convince me that it’s time to sleep.
  5. Headphones (full ear covering, not ear buds) – I use these for more than just music; sometimes I need them to drown out the noise on the plane so I can sleep in peace and quiet.
  6. Scarf/Pashmina – The temperature on a plane is always unpredictable so it always good to have an extra method of warmth. I like scarves because I can use them as a full blanket or as a light neck scarf.
  7. Phone(s) & Charger(s) – We all know we can’t live without our phones whether it’s for work, socializing, playing games, etc. God forbid your luggage is lost or your plane has major delays on the runway, we all know we never want to be without communication. Plus, many planes now have charging outlets at each seat so you can keep it ready to go for landing.
  8. Basic Toiletries –  Some planes provide this but having your own is just so much better… deodorant, toothbrush/paste, lotion, and perfume are a must. No one wants to come off the plane smelling like sweat and exhaustion with dehydrated skin!
  9. All Electronics – I mean, why on earth would I ever check my iPad, computer, or camera? That’s just asking for trouble. Ummm, no thanks!
  10. Pillow – I always need extra back or neck support and the pathetic-quality pillow that we’re given on the plane just doesn’t do the trick. It’s always good to have extra support.
  11. Disinfectant – Flying can be downright gross and unsanitary. You never know how many hundreds of passengers have sat in your seat before you and how poorly it was “wiped” just to look presentable – but was it really disinfected properly? Probably not. YUCK!
  12. Souvenirs – Once I have traveled to my destination, I always put my souvenirs in my carry-on to bring back. God forbid that my bag gets lost, damaged, or the items are mishandled, I want to know that my priceless items that remind me of my trip will make it back in one piece.

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